after the prominent BLACK LIVES MATTER protests and fights for justice and equality in 2020 we took a step back to review what we had done up until that point for those communities. we as a club at the heart of liverpool’s music scene have a duty to be actively anti-racist. we continue to read, listen, discuss and educate ourselves on racism, systemic racism and white privilege.

recent times and engagement with BLM protests have allowed us to reflect on how we operate as a venue and the action we have took up until now to do more for black communities. in reflection, it hasn’t been anywhere near enough. this has also led to conversations with peers and friends about what more we can be doing for all minority groups in music; which in essence boils down to everyone other than cis white men. 

we will be acting on this as a music venue with immediate effect.


we have always tried to provide a diverse representation of artists across all of our in-house parties: meraki presents, archive and boogaloo. we will be continuing to improve this representation through our upcoming post-covid series of parties. whilst our in-house parties have always been at the forefront of our minds; externally promoted parties also represent the venue. so from now on, we’re engaging in conversations and offering assistance to all external promoters to ensure they’re considering diversity across their own season of parties. by doing so, we hope we can all move forward in a positive direction to make liverpool’s music scene a more representative one. 

we conduct an annual review of diversity across in-house parties and externally promoted events in order to assess improvements year on year.
our march ‘19 - march ‘20 review is available to view now here
our july ‘20 - july ‘21 review is available to view now here.

staff training will take place every six months of procedural plans on how to react to on-the-night issues of harassment and discrimination. this training will be carried over to members of security staff who will soon be given a guideline document on how to deal with similar issues. 

we will be implementing subsidised ticket costs for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds to provide access to our programme for all who want to enjoy it. we have never intended to create any sort of exclusive environment at meraki and we hope by providing subsidised ticket costs more people will be able to come down to shake a leg. we’ve also set up a donation post-box on the bar so punters can donate to a free taxi fund for the most vulnerable amongst us; specifically aimed at vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community. if you feel you’re in either of these groups and need help with subsidised ticket costs or a free taxi home just drop us an email in advance or speak to our staff on the night.

future plans include working towards starting a programme that will train young black people to become sound engineers and programmers. the music industry is obviously very important to us and somewhere we feel we can make a positive difference over time. we offer out our space to local black groups and community projects free of charge or at a heavily subsidised rate where possible. this will be available for any activity but specifically focusing on music based activities, like after school dj workshops etc., post-covid. if you want to use our space for any of the above midweek please get in touch here.

if you have any thoughts on this or you think we can do more please drop us an email: george@merakiliverpool.co.uk


we’re by no means experts on the BLM movement and wider issues so please see the following for links to places you’ll be able to gain a much more comprehensive view.

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