despite our venue being in the heart of liverpool’s industrial district - ten streets - the environment is very important to us, we’re still only 240m from the river mersey. talking of which, our beloved river was named the river with the most plastic-pollution in the uk by greenpeace in 2018; that’s a scary thought that’s very close to home.



with this in mind we’ve took action and stopped using single-use plastics: we’ve banned straws, got rid of disposable cups and ditched water in plastic bottles in favour of cans. we know you can buy paper straws but they still require energy to make and trees to die. over one year we would use around 45,000 straws, by not doing so we save around 50kg of wood each year from being felled. 



air travel is also something that plays on our mind a lot. many of the djs we book are ‘frequent flyers’, and whilst this is great for us in being able to put on the worlds best djs, we always try and tie in these shows with other uk promoters to reduce the subsequent pollution on our environment.



what’s next for us? we’re looking into ways of enacting a renewable energy policy at our venue, whether that be through wind or solar power. if we can afford it, we’ll be implementing it as soon as feasibly possible.

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